With the help of the Torqeedo’s new Torq Trac smartphone app and Bluetooth module, the user can now find out how the boat and outboard are doing just by glancing at the phone. In addition to basic charge and speed information, Torq Trac and the module, which can be used with the Torqeedo Ultralight, Travel 503/1003 and Cruise R/T models, also provides information like waypoint functionality for navigation and "eco logging," which records energy consumption over the course of one's trip. 

A Bluetooth data cable is provided to connect motor and smartphone. The app itself is available free of charge from the relevant smartphone app store.

Product Features

  • Smartphone app for Travel 503/1003, Cruise T and R as well as Ultralight models.
  • Allows larger display of the on-board computer showing range on map and with many other benefits.
  • The TorqTrac App communicates wirelessly via a Bluetooth® communications module connecting the motor with the smartphone.
  • The smartphone requires operating systems iO 7.0 or Android 4.3 and higher and must support Bluetooth® 4.0 LE (low energy) technology.
  • The TorqTrac App is available free of charge from the relevant smartphone app store.
  • The remaining range of travel is displayed on the map in real time
  • Use waypoints for navigation and showing likely time of arrival.
  • Trip logging and eco-logging.

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Torqeedo Torq-trac Module
Price: $ 149.00

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