The remote throttle from Torqeedo controls the speed and forward and backward direction on Travel 503/1003 and Ultralight 403 models.

The Torqeedo Remote Throttle control device combines information collected from the motor, batteries and GPS and reports them on a waterproof display, which indicates battery charge, remaining range, speed and power usage. It can take the place of a tiller with all the same features with the exception of steering. The magnetic kill switch can be attached to the life vest and the throttle will disable the motor instantaneously, making it a great safety mechanism. Includes 5' and 16' cables to connect motor and throttle.

Product Features

  • Allows Travel 503/1003 models to be operated with a throttle instead of the tiller.
  • Includes integrated display showing information on the status of the battery.
  • GPS-based calculation of speed and remaining range.
  • Includes 1.5 m and 5 m connection cables between the motor and the throttle.
  • Also serves as replacement part for Cruise and Ultralight models.

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Torqeedo Remote Throttle control for Travel 503/1003, and Ultralight
Price: $ 299.99

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