Tender After Sting Jellyfish Sting Relief active ingredient is Ammonia 3.5%.

After Sting Gel is Tender Corporation's new Fire Ant, Jelly Fish, Bee and Wasp sting treatment that provides immediate, effective relief. After Sting Gel stops the painful burning, itching and swelling of stings and bites and begins the healing process. After Sting helps prevent the scarring of fire ant stings. It also works well on insect bites of all kinds, irritations from poisonous plants, and jelly fish stings. Provides fast, complete relief. If you live in fire ant country, by the shore, or are outdoors where bees and wasps might be present, you should keep a container of After Sting Gel nearby. The sooner you apply After Sting Gel after being stung, the sooner you will get relief.

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Tender After Sting Jellyfish Sting Relief - 1 fl oz (29.5 ml)
Original Price: $ 8.37
Price: $ 6.15

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