Product Description

Key Features
• No wiring - receives data via wireless.
• Solar powered with 300 hours autonomy.
• Displays ANY single data type.
• Super-large 38mm (1.5") digital readout.
• Simple to configure.
• Backlighting to 3 levels.
• Totally waterproof (submersible to 10m).
• Lightweight, only 230g (0.51lbs).
• Compatible with other manufacturers via NMEA.

The Digital Display has a super large 38mm readout and shows any single data type available on the system. It's deimensions are 110mm x 114mm x 21. It is very simple to configure and easy to read. Supplied with 2 x Mounting Cradle and an Instrument Cover.

Data Displayed

Apparent Wind Speed/Angle
High Wind Alarm
True Wind Speed/Angle
True Wind Direction
VMG to Wind
Header or Lift Indicator
Off-Course Alarm
Tack Course

Trip Log
Average Speed
Max Speed
Speed Over Ground
Course Over Ground
VMG to Waypoint
Distance/Bearing to Waypoint
Turn to Waypoint
Cross Track Error

Waypoint and XTE Alarms
Shallow/Deep Depth Alarm
Sea Temperature
Race Timer
Performance Data (using Proprietary NMEA Sentences through the T122 Wireless Interface)

Part Number: T110

Imperial Metric
Weight 0.51 lb 230 g
Character Height 1.5" 38 mm
Heading Resolution
Speed Resolution 0.01 knots 0.01 knots
Depth Resolution - 0.1 m
Depth Range 0.5 m to 50 m 0.5 m to 50 m
Backlighting 3 levels with daylight shutoff
Calibration Full system-wide calibration
Timer 1s resolution, 1 to 20 minutes
Countdown Alarms Audible tones indicate time to start

Tacktick Marine Wireless Instruments

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Tacktick Digital Display
Price: $ 602.15

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