Sea Pearls

The Seavenger Titanium knife is designed with a hook at its base to assist you in easily cutting through any entanglement. It is sharp, corrosion-resistant and features a locking mechanism on its sheath so it won’t fall off, get lost or inadvertently cut you.

The non-corroding solid titanium blade, combined with straight and serrated cutting edges on the 4.5” blade, and the quick-release sheath make this one great, all-purpose diver’s knife. It is the ultimate in salt water corrosion resistance and has a keen edge, incredible strength, and a design that is unique for diving. Knife is equipped with a one-hand insertion and removal sheath with straps. The ergonomic handle is specially injected onto the tang of the knife; the butt can be used for underwater signaling, and as for maintenance, all it requires is a simple rinse and air dry.

Product Features

  • 100% Corrosion Resistant
  • Blunt Tip Style
  • Sap lock sheath
  • 2 Rubber strap included
  • Molded Nylon grip for extreme comfort

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Seavenger Blunt Tip Titanium Diving Knife
Original Price: $ 99.99
Price: $ 45.96

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