Selden Stand-up Springs

Made from 316 Stainless Steel. When paired with the right block, these springs keep the deck clean and blocks ready for action.

Product No. Diameter Height Weight Combine with...
308-074 36.5mm 70mm 19g Plain Bearing Block 50
Ball Bearing Block 60
Ratchet Block 60
308-085 50mm 85mm 49g Plain Bearing Block 60
Plain Bearing Block 70
Roller Bearing Block 60
308-093 60mm 100mm 76g Plain Bearing Block 80
Roller Bearing Block 80
308-095 72mm 145mm 153g Plain Bearing Block 100
403-123 20mm 16mm 2g Ball Bearing Block 20
Ball Bearing Block 30
403-411 30mm 20mm 2g Ball Bearing Block 40
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Selden Stand Up Spring Ø 30mm/20-40mm
Original Price: $ 4.00
Price: $ 3.40

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