Raymarine EV-DBW EV-2 & P70R - Drive Unit not included

$ 2,451.46
Raymarine EV-DBW EV-2 & P70R - Drive Unit not included

Raymarine EV-DBW (EV-2 & P70R)

Evolution Autopilots combine advanced aerospace guidance technology with Raymarine’s marine autopilot expertise to deliver a new level of accurate autopilot control. Evolution has no need of a setup compass swing or calibration, and does not need to be adjusted to the boat in which it is installed. This innovative breakthrough in autopilot intelligence uses Evolution AI™ control algorithms which enable Evolution autopilots to perceive their environment and instantly calculate and evolve steering commands to maximize performance. The result is precise and confident course keeping, regardless of vessel speed or sea conditions.

At the heart of the Evolution system is the ultra-compact, EV sensor core—a nine-axis heading sensor and full-function course computer. Around the same size as a typical marine GPS sensor, the EV sensor core can be bracket-mounted or flush-mounted horizontally, and can be installed above or below deck (it’s IPX6 water-resistant) as space and practicality dictate.

EV-2 simply uses a direct DeviceNet (NMEA 2000) connection to a third party drive-by-wire system such as SeaStar Solutions Optimus 360, Volvo Penta IPS or ZF Pod Drive. Autopilot control is via the p70R control head. Setting-up an Evolution autopilot takes just 30 seconds; select the boat type—large power, small power, or sail; select the drive type—hydraulic, mechanical, or outboard; and choose the performance level—performance, cruise, or leisure, it is as easy as that.

Product Features

  • Drive-by-wire powerboats
  • Boat Displacement: 77,000lb
  • Draw: EV-2: 30mA; Control head: 134mA