Raymarine CP450C ClearPulse Sonar Module

The CP450C with ClearPulse™ CHIRP technology goes beyond high definition and offers increased resolution and deeper depths. ClearPulse™ CHRIP technology takes advantage of a wide spectrum of sonar signals to deliver amazing detail and accuracy. The CP450C features TruZoom mode for a precise magnified view of fish targets, bottom structure and baitfish without any loss of resolution seen with traditional fishfinder zoom mode.

Shallow water or offshore the CP450C can operate in a wide range of sonar frequencies simultaneously using two independent CHRIP sonar transceivers. CP450C can operate and detect fish and other underwater targets using any discreet frequency from 25 to 250 kHz, with exclusive mid-band frequency support in the 75 to 130 kHz range as well. This means no matter what you fish for, not matter where they hide, CP450C has the capability to detect and target the fish you want to catch!

The CP450C also features an ultra-fast 60 ping-per-second update rate, providing you with enhanced target detail and clarity in shallow water and when moving at high speeds. Unlike competitors high-speed scrolling, the CP450C actually images the bottom at up to twice the speed of the competition, providing real information on water depth and bottom conditions when you need it most.

CP450C's ClearPulse™ CHIRP technology also excels in the most challenging conditions where other sounders fail. CP450C sees right through dense schools of baitfish, marking individual targets while simultaneously identifying game fish and marking the bottom. CP450C also works great in soft sea bed conditions where holding bottom is difficult for traditional depth sounders.

The CP450C ClearPulse™ CHIRP Sonar Module is compatible with Raymarine's latest 3rd generation C-Series and E-Series multifunction display, the CP450C sounder connects using SeaTalkhs networking. Complete your CP450C system with your choice of Raymarine depth transducers. For best performance, connect to the CP450C to one or more of Raymarine's CHIRP compatible broadband transducers. CP450C is also compatible with many legacy Raymarine fishfinder transducers.

Dimensions Nominal votage Absolute voltage range Current consumption Frequency Nominal power output Temperature range Humidity Waterproofing standard Weights
11.77 x 3.45 x 8.07 in (299 x 87.5 x 205 mm) 12/24V Systems 10.2 - 32 V DC 0.5A (6.0 A peak) 25 to 250 kHz 1kW operating: -20ºC to +50ºC non-operating: -30ºC to +70ºC up to 95% CFR46 and IPX6 3.38lbs (1.54kg)
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Raymarine CP450C ClearPulse Sonar Module
Price: $ 1,199.99

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