NavPod PowerPod Un-Cut (Usable Face 8.75in W x 6in H)

$ 257.80

(Original Price: $ 279.99)

NavPod PowerPod Un-Cut (Usable Face 8.75in W x 6in H)

PowerPods for Power are better options than bracket mounting. PowerPods provide a clean look for flush mounting with the advantage of a swivel base. These have the advantage of protecting the back of the electronics from harsh saltwater spray. They also protect the plastic connectors and wires from deterioration caused by long term exposure to UV. PowerPods for Sail are great for mounting on a flat surface, perhaps under the dodger or aft end of the cockpit table especially on boats with dual wheels.

Product Features

  • Hi-Gloss, UV Resistant Material
  • Waterproof seal made to withstand the harshest offshore boating
  • Nickel Chrome Plated, Stainless Steel screws
  • Developed with a Heavy-Gauge Thermoforming manufacturing process


Sizing Chart
  Overall Size Usable Face Max Cutout Base Footprint
Height 9.75in 6in 8.5in N/A
Width 10.65in 8.75in 5.75in Ø 5.37in
Depth 6.39in 4.39in 4in N/A