Naish 2015 Wave

Performance Wave

The completely redesigned 2015 Wave is a highly versatile board shape designed to deliver true surfing performance in essentially any wave condition around the world.

The Wave features the highest quality construction available in a premium design. It combines maximum drive with increased responsiveness into a lightweight, compact board with early planing capability and outstanding board control. In addition, it features incredible rail-to-rail carving when you need it most, allowing precise turns when turning within a tight radius or if you’re carving at high speed.

Sizes: 72, 78, 82, 87, 95
  • Compact Outline = Easy maneuverability + extra buoyancy
  • Fast Rocker = Early planing + rail-to-rail carving with ease
  • Thinned-out Rails = Superior grip in bottom & top turns
  • Ergonomic Foot Straps = Comfortable fit + easy adjustment
  • High Density Footpads = Excellent board feel
  • Thruster MFC Fin Set-up = Outstanding trim range + precision board control
  • US Box = Adjustable fin positioning
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Volume Length Width Fin type Rec.
sail size
Construction Riding
Wave 72 72 L 226.5 cm.
89-3/16 in.
56 cm.
20-1/16 in.
MFC US 16cm
US 12cm side fins
3.4-5.3 Carbon Inegra Sandwich Wave
Wave 78 78 L 229 cm.
90-3/16 in.
57 cm.
22-7/16 in.
MFC US 17cm
US 12cm side fins
3.4-5.3 Carbon Inegra Sandwich Wave
Wave 82 82 L 229 cm.
90-3/16 in.
58 cm.
22-7/8 in.
MFC US 18cm
US 12cm side fins
3.7-5.7 Carbon Inegra Sandwich Wave
Wave 87 87 L 232 cm.
91-3/8 in.
59 cm.
23-1/4 in.
MFC US 19cm
US 12cm side fins
4.0-5.7 Carbon Inegra Sandwich Wave
Wave 95 95 L 235 cm.
92-1/2 in.
61 cm.
24-1/16 in.
MFC US 20cm
US 12cm side fins
4.5-6.2 Carbon Inegra Sandwich Wave
NAI15ZSF2S5W4 - Naish 2015 Kiteboard Footstrap Set (2)
Code: NAI15ZSF2S5W4
Price: $ 115.00
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Naish 2015 Wave
Price: $ 2,499.00

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