Maxwell Rope 1/2" Nylon Brait Line

$ 1.25

(Original Price: $ 2.00)

Maxwell Rope 1/2" Nylon Brait Line

Maxwell Rope and Chain can fit a full range of anchor rodes. Select the appropriate length and diameter with the technical chart below.

Product No. Chain Diameter Chain Length Rope Diameter Rope Length
MAXRODE39 6.35mm 2m 12.70mm 46m
MAXRODE43 6.35mm 2.5m 12.70mm 46m
MAXRODE42 6.35mm 3.5m 12.70mm 46m
MAXRODE38 6.35mm 4.5m 12.70mm 46m
MAXRODE41 6.35mm 9m 12.70mm 46m
MAXRODE40 6.35mm 3m 12.70mm 61m
MAXRODE45 6.35mm 6m 12.70mm 61m
MAXRODE44 6.35mm 2m 12.70mm 91m
MAXRODE46 6.35mm 3m 12.70mm 91m
MAXRODE52 7.94mm 4.5m 15.88mm 46m
MAXRODE57 7.94mm 9m 15.88mm 46m
MAXRODE50 7.94mm 3m 15.88mm 61m
MAXRODE51 7.94mm 6m 15.88mm 61m
MAXRODE53 7.94mm 5.5m 15.88mm 61m
MAXRODE55 7.94mm 7.5m 15.88mm 61m
MAXRODE56 7.94mm 7.5m 15.88mm 91m
MAXRODE54 7.94mm 9m 15.88mm 91m
MAXRODE59 9.53mm 6m 15.88mm 61m
MAXRODE60 9.53mm 7.5m 15.88mm 61m