Mantus Anchors

Mantus Anchors Bridle System ensures that your anchor has the highest chance of staying put and your boat staying intact.

Product Features:

  • Strong and Durable.
  • Designed to absorb the shock load from wind gusts and waves.
  • Employs chafe protection to all areas exposed to rubbing.
  • Uses heavy duty 316L stainless steel shackles and thimbles.
  • Carabiner used to attach the bridle to the Mooring line

Bridle Size Boat Size Rope Size Bridle Length
Individual Leg
Thimble Shackle Caribiner
Small 30-40 ft. 5/8 in.
SWL 1525 lbs.
UBS 12200 lbs.
28 ft. 25 ft. 5/8 in.
Heavy Duty
7/16 in.
SWL 1100 lbs.
UBS 4400 lbs.
Medium 40-50 ft. 3/4 in.
SWL 2087 lbs.
UBS 16700 lbs.
29 ft. 25 ft. 3/4 in.
Heavy Duty
1/2 in.
SWL 2000 lbs.
UBS 8000 lbs.
Large 50-70 ft. 1 in.
SWL 3675 lbs.
UBS 29400 lbs.
34 ft. 30 ft. 1 in.
Heavy Duty
5/8 in.
SWL 2000 lbs.
UBS 8000 lbs.

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Mantus Bridle - Large (no hook)
Price: $ 431.00

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