Mantus Anchors

Mantus - Small Bridle for 30-40 ft Boat with SS Hook size 5/16"

Price: $ 191.20
Mantus - Small Bridle for 30-40 ft Boat with SS Hook size 5/16"

Mantus Bridle are strong and durable, designed to absorb the shock load from wind gusts and waves.
Employs chafe protection to all areas expoxed to rubbing.
Uses heavy duty 316L stainless steel shackles and thimbles for durability.
Carabiner used to attach the bridle to the mooring line.

Why use an anchor bridle/snubber system?

- Bridle takes the strain of the chain rode, thus offloading the gypsy on teh windlass and reduces the stress of the windlass deck joint.
- Allow the load to be taken by the cleats that are designed for high loads
- Reduces the wear on the boat, with all the load on the cleats via the bridle, there is no noise, no chain jerking and snagging on the foredeck.
- If the bridle is long enough/and or has enough stretch it can absorb the shock loads from waves and wind gusts.
- With the long bridle the chain is lowered below the waterline and offers better effective scope and additional shock absorption.

It has been suggested by some that when using all chain rode the catenary effect from the sagging chain from its weight will provide sufficient shock absorption. While this might be true for large ships, on average size cruising vessel the catenary effect from the chain does not provide any significant shock absorption, one only has to look at the chain shape under water in a 25 knot breeze to see that the catenary effect is no longer a factor because the chain is oriented in a straight line.

The role of the bridle/snubber system is to be able to absorb the shock loads by stretching and yet be strong enough not to fail when exposed to these high loads conditions.? Thus we make sizing recommendations keeping this in mind.

Boat Size 30-40 ft 40-50 ft 50-70 ft
Three Strand Nylon Diameter
SWL 1525 lbs
UBS 12,200 lbs
SWL 2087 lbs
UBS 16,700 lbs
SWL 3675 lbs
UBS 29,400 lbs
Bridle length overall 28 ft 29 ft 34 ft
Individual Leg length 25 ft 25 ft 30 ft
Thimble 316LSS HD 5/8??Heavy Duty 53/4??Heavy Duty 1??Heavy Duty
Shackle316LSS Forged 7/16??S0116-FS12 1/2??S0116-FS13 5/8??S0116-FS16
Mantus Chain Hook size to fit chain size to fit chain size to fit chain
Carabiner SWL 1100 lbs
UBS 4400 lbs
SWL 2000 lbs
UBS 8000 lbs
SWL 2000 lbs
UBS 8000 lbs