Lewmar Electric Thruster Accessories

Thruster Joystick

Ideal entry level control of thrusters.
  • Features On/Off illumination
  • Easy installation connection
  • Auto-Shut off not available

Joystick Connecting Leads

  • Lewmar supplies 4-wire cables suitable for standard installations
  • Lewmar supplies 5-wire cables suitable for installations where an automatic Battery Switch is used
  • Simply measure the distance from the Thruster to the Panel to choose the suitable lead

Product No.
(4 Wire Cable)
589021 2m
(6 9/16 ft)
589016 7m
(23 ft)
589017 10m
(32 4/5 ft)
589018 14m
(45 59/64 ft)
589019 18m
(59 1/16ft)
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Lewmar 10m Control Cable & Connectors
Original Price: $ 54.49
Price: $ 42.18

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