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The Lewmar Control Box 24V 68ELS allows the winch to be operated up to a set current relative to the working load limit of the specific winch. Once this current is exceeded, the winch automatically cuts out. Once the current drops to below the working load limit, the winch can be restarted. The ELS features the additional safety function of a Motor Thermal Trip, which ensures that the motor cuts out in the event of excessive heat build up.

Part Number: 48000179
Mauri Pro Sailing Product Description Template


Part No Description 40ST 45ST 50ST 55St 65ST 70-70/3 80-80/3
68000933 Contactor 12V “E” x x x    
68000934 Contactor 24V “E” x x x        
18000301 Contactor Box 12V “E” x x x        
18000302 Contactor Box 24V “E” x x x        
48000217 ELS Control Box Type 1–3 24V            
48000220 ELS Control Box Type 1–6   24V          
48000221 ELS Control Box Type 1–7     24V 24V      
48000222 ELS Control Box Type 1–8 12V       24V    
48000224 ELS Control Box Type 2–2   12V          
48000225 ELS Control Box Type 2–3     12V        
48000227 ELS Control Box Type 2–5       12V      
48000229 ELS Control Box Type 2–7         12V    
48000178 70-70/3 Control Box 12v “ELS”           x  
48000179 70-70/3 Control Box 24v “ELS”           x  
48000180 80-80/3 Control Box 12v “ELS”             x
48000181 80-80/3 Control Box 24v “ELS”     x

Part Number: 48000179
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Lewmar Control Box 24V 68ELS
Price: $ 1,021.76

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