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The Lewmar 90mm Synchro Footblock features alloy cheeks, fixing isolators, and a moulded base plate to prevent sealant ingress into the sheave.

Product Features:
  • Standard and jammer options can be double stacked
  • Two-step jammer action keeps lever close to side of the block
  • Optimised jammer shape holds line central on the sheave
Part Number: 29929061BK
Mauri Pro Sailing Product Description Template


Part No Sheave Ø Working Load limit Weight
29926061BK 60 800 kg
(1764 lb)
(5.70 oz)
29927261BK 72 1200 kg
(2645 lb)
(8.10 oz)
29929061BK 90 2000 kg
(4409 lb)
(15.20 oz)
*Use M8 (5/16) fixings for the 60/72mm sheaves and M10 for the 90mm sheaves - Not included

Synchro Footblock Footprint

Footblock Size A B C
60mm Footblock 98.0 mm
(3 7/8 in)
51.0 mm
(2 in)
59 mm
(2 5/16in)
72mm Footblock 110.6 mm
(4 5/16 in)
58.0 mm
(2 5/16in)
71 mm
(2 13/16 in)
90mm Footblock 134.0 mm
(5 4/16 in)
69.0 mm
(2 11/16 in)
89 mm
(3 1/2 in)

Part Number: 29926061BK
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Antal Mast Block Dimensions

Part Number: 29929061BK
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Lewmar 90mm Synchro Footblock
Original Price: $ 101.15
Price: $ 61.00

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