Karver KJ25 Jammer - Lines 8 - 14 mm

$ 1,680.70

(Original Price: $ 1,990.00)

Karver KJ25 Jammer - Lines 8 - 14 mm


Karver High Load Jammer - The Jammer that won't give up
Unlike traditional jammers that squeeze lines between two jaws, KJ jammers secure the line evenly around the cover using three jaws. The conical KJ can be taken off of it's base and be bonded into a deck casing or into a mast. The Karver KJ jammer doesn't slip under high load or cause significant wear and tear to ropes. The Kj is up to 50% lighter than the competition and up to three different rope diameters can be used on the same jammer.

Line Diameter SWL Weight Dimensions Fastener
KJ10 5-10 mm 400-1000 kg 128 g 98x44x52 mm 3xM6
KJ15 6-12 mm 600-1500 kg 325 g 111x49x58 mm 2xM6 & 1xM8
KJ25 8-14 mm 1100-2500 kg 580 g
135x57x65 mm 4xM8
KJ50 12-20 mm 2000-5000 kg 99 g 160x70x81 mm 4xM12