J Sail's Red Classic is our company's basic model. Designed in 2000, the model continues to have success. It turned out an ideal sail for 88lb's and above. However, for lighter or less experienced sailors, it is difficult to manage in strong winds. In the autumn of 2005 we designed a version of Classic sail that is easier to manage in strong winds for lighter or less experienced sailors, but more skillful downwind than upwind.To differentiate the two models we introduced a color code: from the winter 2005/6 the “old”; Classic has been called Classic Red, and the new model Classic Blue. Classic Blue quickly found its fans and won many prestigious events.

IS THERE A CHOICE? Cumulative Results

• World Championships - 8
• Continental Championships - 33
• North American Champs - 5
• European Championships - 14
• South American Champs - 6
• Asian Championships - 8

If you are a dynamic sailor, who has considerable experience, know how to fight, you might be light but ambitious, then this is the J Sail for you! If Classic Red is difficult for you to manage at strong winds, the Classic Blue model is the solution for you!

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Optimist JSail
  Sail Measurement: $25.00
Sail Number:
Country Code:
Price: $ 549.00

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