Jim Buoy

Jim Buoy Giant Marine Fenders

Not an inflatable but a 98% closed-cell inner foam core that will never blow-out or sink - even bullet holes will not materially affect its function! Often referred to in the industry as the "hull saver", Jim Buoy's unique design is not simply a roll of foam but is a carefully crafted, quality product incorporating the same U.S. Coast Guard Approved foam used in the Jim-Buoy Industrial Life Preservers. The end product is a rugged fender that provides "stop-gap" compression when hard hit time after time; not only protecting the ship from damage but the dock and even the fender itself!

Installation Tips- Fenders vertically when coming along side another ship or dock allowing the line from the lower end of the Fender to be free. After the ship's lines are secure, pull the Fender to a horizontal position. Use additional Fenders during rough weather.

Product No. Diameter Length Thru-Hole size and Material Stand-off Distance
212 30cm
(12 in)
(34 in)
3cm in PVC
(1 1/4 in)
(6 in)
214 35cm
(14 in)
(44 in)
3cm in PVC
(1 1/4 in)
(8 in)
218 45cm
(18 in)
(50 in)
3cm in PVC
(1 1/4 in)
(12 in)
224 61cm
(24 in)
134 cm
(53 in)
3cm in PVC
(1 1/4 in)
(14 in)


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Jim Buoy Giant Marine Fenders, 24" Dia. x 53" long
Price: $ 1,041.92

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