IST’s T101 dive torch is a powerhouse when it comes to pumping out illumination. Its three LEDs produce an intense 12-inch-diameter hotspot that measured 11.0 EV on ScubaLab’s light meter. This is the brightest hotspot ScubaLab has ever tested, and it’s also one of the cleanest, free from even a hint of mottling. Even better, the hotspot is surrounded by a diffused halo that extends to almost four feet in diameter, substantially increasing the light’s coverage.

Measuring six inches long by two and a half inches in diameter, the T101 has a rugged look. The casing is made of a durable black aluminum alloy with self-seating aluminum threads and a double o-ring seal good to 328 feet. It uses a lantern handle and the on/off switch has a thumb-lock to prevent accidental activation. The battery pack delivers four and a half hours of burn time. To charge, simply unscrew the housing and plug the charging cord into the internal port. The torch comes with a changeable photographic lens and a nice wrist lanyard.

IST Rechargeable Canister LED Torch - 660 Lumens
Bulb type LED life Colour temp Brightness Burn time Charging time Max depth Weight Battery type Battery life
3 High Power LEDs +10000 hours 5500K 660 Lumens 5 hours 6 hours 100m (328ft) 1.55kg (3.41lb) Rechargeable NiMH (3.6V ×7400 mAH) Up to 200 recharging cycles

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IST Rechargeable High Power LED Torch - 660 Lumens
Original Price: $ 450.00
Price: $ 349.95

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