IST features a great time-tested and proven reg lin. The R-410 is at the top, highlighted by its sporty and eye catching gold-colored fittings. The set's R-4 first stage scored well on breathing machine tests such as Dive Gear Reviews. In addition to the 2HP ports, it has four LP ports that are angled for better hose routing.

The O10 second stage features a long, curved exhaust tee that shunts exhaust bubbles away from the user’s field of vision. The mouthpiece also features a built-in heat exchanger and a breathing resistance control mounted on top of the housing. That control is a substantial lever that you will have not problem finding during the initial familiarizing period.

R1 Balanced Piston 1st Stage Features

  • Proven balanced piston design converts the high pressurized air to medium pressure with exceptional smoothness
  • Ambient and cylinder pressure sensitive, no matter what the depth and / or remnant pressure
  • Stringent production process and only the highest grade of brass is used in the construction
  • 2 fixed high pressure ports and 4 low pressure ports located in the swivel turret

IST R-10 Regulator Features

  • Lightweight second stage is made of a special polymer resin which reduces jaw fatigue and helps make your dive more comfortable
  • The high flow 2nd stage hose is specially designed for this regulator
  • Soft black silicone mouthpiece
  • The stainless steel arm lever allows for smooth action and controlled breathing
  • Exhalation is controlled by an oval exhaust diaphragm which opens with radius bends to create a tighter seal, that which allows for easier exhalation
  • Each R10 adjustable regulator comes with it's own certificate of individual performance
  • 4 LP Ports
  • 2 HP Ports
  • CE Certified

Full Manufacturer's Warranty

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IST R10 Dive Regulator w/ O10 Adjustable 2nd Stage
Original Price: $ 368.00
Price: $ 199.96

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