The IST MP206 Chameleon Mask is made from a special liquid-injected hypoallergenic silicone that is soft and supple, resulting in a skirt that offers lots of comfort as well as a watertight fit for a wide range of faces. Its raked inverted-teardrop dual-lens design delivers good peripheral vision and even better vertical vision, especially looking downward. To enhance the underwater view, the mask is fitted with a new type of lens that is ultra clear—this allows for increased light transmission, creating a bright and airy viewing experience. The Chameleon mask is available with a clear skirt and a purple and white or blue and gray frame, or a black skirt with a red or blue frame.


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IST MP206 Chameleon Dive Mask
Optical Lens (R):
Optical Lens (L):
Original Price: $ 65.00
Price: $ 55.00

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