IST has built a reputation that began over 35 years ago with constructing quality masks and snorkels. The Pegasus M37 Full Face Scuba Diving Mask is at the bedrock of that foundation; a mask so solid that it is still commonly used for commercial diving purposes. The retro M37 is itself almost symbolic of IST’s standing as a long-time supplier of quality, reliable, and cost-effective diving products.

This full-strength mask is capable of protecting divers from extreme cold or grimy, polluted water. The 3-end strap combined with a soft, double-feathered edge skirt secures the mask evenly, creating a positive and perfect seal every time. The Pegasus prevents jaw fatigue since you don’t have to bite on the mouthpiece. The tempered glass safety lenses will give you great underwater vision and field-of-view.

Product Features

  • The convenience of demand air, with the comfort of not having to bite the mouthpiece
  • Eliminates jaw fatigue and/or denture slippage
  • Multi-strap adjustment and easy, nose access for equalization
  • Allows for the attachment of most types of regulators
  • Comfort-fitting
  • Adjustable, fits all adults
  • Silicone skirt and strap with low volume
  • Tempered glass lenses
  • Maximum vision

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IST Pegasus Silicone Dive Mask
Original Price: $ 150.00
Price: $ 119.95

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