The Panorama is the original IST metal mask which is made with lightweight and robust 6000 series aluminum. The choice of material and construction method makes the Panorama possibly one of the strongest masks on the market.

Plastic frames often crack when lenses are fitted, as they rely on small, fragile lugs to keep the rims in place. Metal is stronger and less prone to cracks when this exchange of glass takes place. The CNC aluminum frame has enough strength which allows the mask to be made thinner. The frame measures only 8.1mm (0.32in) in thickness and the bridge area is merely 7.3mm (0.29in) in width. With a contour-hugging hypoallergenic liquid silicone skirt, the lenses of the Panorama are brought much closer to the eyes, which allow for an increased field-of-vision and reduced internal volume. The buckles are directly-attached to the skirt so they do not interfere with fitting; a handy feature for travelling and technical diving applications.

Product Features

  • Higher durability
  • Lightweight
  • Reduced frame thickness
  • Bendable buckles
  • Marine-grade aluminum
  • Optical lens
  • Comfort skirt
  • Increase field of vision

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IST Panorama Aluminum Black Dive Mask w/ Tinted Lenses
Original Price: $ 95.00
Price: $ 79.95

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