The elegant Artemis BCD, created exclusively by and for women divers, is not just the typical smaller version of a man’s BC. Its adjustment features and special cutting allow excellent, gender-specific support and comfort especially when compared to non-gender, generic BCD designs.

Constructed with plush 840 Denier nylon for durability, the Artemis features a thick back pad for extra support and supplemental padding around the hips and waist for extra comfort. The shoulder pads have been shortened and padded for optimal weight distribution, and increased stability. The special shoulder width adjustment and IST harness system allow fine-tuning for a custom fit. Whether it’s underwater or on the surface, the Artemis is remarkably stable. Its fitting enhances graceful movement, and women divers will find IST’s dependable power inflator manageably smaller-sized, and angled weight pockets have been engineered for easier release and an extra layer of security. Two rear trim pockets assure the best balance of lead weight and this BC is thoughtfully appointed with two rear dump valves, two huge pockets and 5 stainless steel D-Rings – more than any woman’s BC on the market.

Product Features

  • Extra padding around the hip and waist region
  • Special shoulder-width adjustment to personalize fitting
  • Superior 840D nylon shell
  • Angled Advanced Ballast Removal weight pocket for easier release by female divers (max. 4kg /8.8lb each)
  • Personal Harness System allows fitting to be fine tuned
  • 2 rear quick air dump valves
  • 2 strategically placed rear trim pockets take up to 1kg (2.2lb) of weight each
  • 3 stainless steel & 2 Delran D-rings
  • 2 generous sized pockets
  • CE approved

Alpha Buoyancy Compensator Sizes
Sizing Buoyancy Chest (cs/inch) Waist (cm/inch)
XS 105N (10.7kgf / 25lbf) 70-85 / 27.6 in - 33.5 in 60-70 / 23.6 in - 27.6 in
S 125N (12.5kgf / 28lbf) 80-95 / 31.5 in - 37.4 in 65-80 / 25.6 in - 31.5 in
M 155N (15.8kgf / 35lbf) 80-95 / 31.5 in - 37.4 in 75-90 / 29.5 in - 35.4 in
L-XL 195N (19.9kgf / 44bf) 100-125 / 39.4 in - 49.2 in 85-110 / 33.5 in - 43.3 in
Important: These sizes are general guidelines. Exact measurement is not guaranteed.
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IST Womens Jacket Style BCD With Superior 840D Nylon Shell - Artemis
Original Price: $ 550.00
Price: $ 424.95

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