Test divers agreed that the Hydro D was comfortable and stable at depth, and the double-locking weight ditch handles dropped the weights without problem. They also liked the responsive, compact power inflator that has a convenient pull-dump feature. There's a lot to like in this BC!

It offers a lot of adjustment to customize your fit, and is amazingly comfortable and stable underwater. Constructed with rugged 840 Denier nylon with its technical style inner air-cell and protective, three-dimensional spandex gusseted outer shell, HydroD offers the kind of unrestricted mobility that a traditional jacket-style BCD cannot. Its harness system can be easily adjusted to provide a personalized fit. Supple, amply padded backpack with 3-remote exhaust valves, and a double-locking integrated weight system. Streamline features such as the horseshoe shaped wing (allows the tank to be positioned closer to the body) and 2 removable bungee cords (stop unwanted drag when partially inflated underwater) are hydrodynamic and translates into less energy expansion. The padded harness provides ample adjustments for personalized fitting. Removable bungee straps rein in the air cell at depth to minimize hydro drag, and during recent ScubaLab tests, the three remote exhaust valves allowed test divers to easily control their buoyancy in all diving positions.

Product Features

  • Superior 840D nylon
  • Stretchable 3-dimensional spandex gusseted outer wing shell with removable inner air cell
  • Multiple adjustable PHS (Personal Harness System)
  • Comes with optional bungee cords
  • Advanced Ballast Removal System II (ABRS II) takes up to 6kg (13lb) of weight on each side
  • Cold water capable power inflator with pull dump
  • 3 additional rear quick air dump valves
  • Adjustable sternum strap
  • Strong and lightweight Delran D-rings
  • 2 strategically placed rear trim pockets take up to 2kg (4.4lb) of weight each
  • Tank stailising plate & additional tank stabilizing strap
  • 2 side pockets
  • Padded backpack

Alpha Buoyancy Compensator Sizes
Sizing Buoyancy Chest (cs/inch) Waist (cm/inch)
XS 105N (10.7kgf / 25lbf) 70-85 / 27.6 in - 33.5 in 60-70 / 23.6 in - 27.6 in
S 125N (12.5kgf / 28lbf) 80-95 / 31.5 in - 37.4 in 65-80 / 25.6 in - 31.5 in
M 155N (15.8kgf / 35lbf) 80-95 / 31.5 in - 37.4 in 75-90 / 29.5 in - 35.4 in
L-XL 195N (19.9kgf / 44bf) 100-125 / 39.4 in - 49.2 in 85-110 / 33.5 in - 43.3 in
Important: These sizes are general guidelines. Exact measurement is not guaranteed.
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IST Hydrod Back inflation BCD w/ ABRS II Buoyancy Compensator
Original Price: $ 480.00
Price: $ 424.95

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