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Hayn Hi-MOD Compression Splice Link for 6mm Wire

$ 133.45

(Original Price: $ 177.64)

Hayn Hi-MOD Compression Splice Link for 6mm Wire

The Hi-Mod mechanical terminal is the latest advancement in swageless fittings. These terminals have a unique crown ring that assures the wires stay evenly spaced around the fitting, eliminating the need to bend the wires, assures the cone is in the proper place, and keeps the strands from dropping into the cone slot. These advantages combined with a longer cone with a more shallow angle give you the most secure and efficient swageless terminal on the market today.

The cone is manufactured from 316 stainless steel and is fully re-usable, allowing for easy inspection and re-use without having to replace anything. The crown ring is manufactured from aluminum bronze.

With the use of these materials, Hayn does not require the use of sealant in the fittings. You can, however, fill them with a non-acidic polysulfide or other marine-grade sealant.

Hi-MOD Compression Splice Link
Wire Size WD OD Part #
3 mm 1.023 0.433 CTLM03
4 mm 1.063 0.512 CTLM04
5 mm 1.299 0.63 CTLM05
6 mm 1.378 0.748 CTLM06
7 mm 1.693 0.866 CTLM07
8 mm 2.165 1.024 CTLM08
10 mm 2.441 1.181 CTLM10
12 mm 2.835 1.496 CTLM12
14 mm 3.346 1.772 CTLM14
16 mm 3.819 1.85 CTLM16