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Utilizing the same features that have made the Hi-Mod Mechanical fittings popular, this insulator has an internal ball-socket in the main body that threads onto the connecting stud. The nut is insulated from the stainless steel body by a Tufnol™ socket, preventing electrical transference to the insulator body or opposite terminal. Should, for any reason, the Tufnol™ be compromised, the nut will bottom out against the stainless housing. While the backstay will loosen, the insulating studs will remain attached to the insulator body. This allows the rig to be re-tensioned until a repair can be made.

Hayn Hi-MOD Failsafe Insulator - Compression End to Compression End
Product Number Dyform Product No. Wire Size Pin/Hole Size C Length
CTICCM05 - 5 mm 7/16 in 4.173
CTICCM6 CTICCM6-D 6 mm 1/2 in 4.055
CTICCM7 CTICCM7-D 7 mm 1/2 in 4.92
CTICCM8 CTICCM8-D 8 mm 5/8 in 5.158
CTICCM10 CTICCM10-D 10 mm 5/8 in 5.75
CTICCM12 CTICCM12-D 12 mm 3/4 in 6.102
CTICCM14 CTICCM14-D 14 mm 7/8 in 8.75

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Hayn Hi-MOD Failsafe Insulator - Compression End to Compression End, for 10mm Wire
Original Price: $ 610.38
Price: $ 522.95

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