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The crown ring is manufactured from aluminum bronze and is fully re-usable, allowing for easy inspection and re-use.

Crown Ring (Imperial Units) Specifications
Product No. (1x19) Product No. (7-strand) Wire Size
CTCR18 -- 1/8 in
CTCR532 -- 5/32 in
CTCR316 -- 3/16 in
CTCR732 -- 7/32 in
CTCR14 CTCR14-7 1/4 in
CTCR932 CTCR932-7 9/32 in
CTCR516 CTCR516-7 5/16 in
CTCR38 CTCR38-7 3/8 in
CTCR12 CTCR12-7 1/2 in
CTCR916 -- 9/16 in
CTCR58 -- 5/8 in

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Hayn Hi-MOD Replacement Crown Ring for 5/16" 7-Strand Wire
Original Price: $ 37.87
Price: $ 33.94

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