Hayn Marine

Perfect for marine and industrial turnbuckle applications.

For Left Hand thread product code refer to *

Hex Nuts Specifications
Product No. Thread Size
10LNR (10LNL)* 10-32
14LNR (14LNL)* 1/4-28
516LNR (516LNL)* 5/16-24
38LNR (38 LNL)* 3/8-24
12LNR (12LNL)* 1/2-20
58LNR (58LNL)* 5/8-18
34LNR (34LNL)* 3/4-16
78LNR (78LNL)* 7/8-14
1LNR (1LNL)* 1.0-12

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Hayn Stainless Steel Hex Nuts for 1/4-28 Right Hand Thread
Original Price: $ 0.36
Price: $ 0.31

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