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All Lifeline rigging studs are feature rich including open ended wrench flats to accommodate various wrench widths, "swageline" depth indicators, size identification, and cross drilled hole with reduced shank end.

Hayn Handy Crimp Hardware is for use in low load applications only. These fittings when properly installed, develop approximately 70% of cable strength. Use Hayn Nicopress tool for proper installation.

Lifeline Studs - Machine Swage (w/ Handy Crimp Stud) Specifications
Product No. (Left Hand) Product No. (Right Hand) Wire Size Thread Size Thread L
14CLLE18LH 14CLLE18RH 1/8 in 1/4-28 7/16 in
14CLLP18LH 14CLLP18RH 1/8 in 1/4-28 1-1/2 in
14CLL18LH 14CLL18RH 1/8 in 1/4-28 2-1/4 in
14CLLP316LH 14CLLP316RH 3/16 in 1/4-28 1-1/2 in
14CLL316LH 14CLL316RH 3/16 in 1/4-28 2-1/4 in
-- 14ASCLL316RH 3/16 in 1/4-28 3-1/4 in
516CLLE316LH 516CLLE316RH 3/16 in 5/16-24 7/16 in
516CLLP316LH 516CLLP316RH 3/16 in 5/16-24 1-1/2 in
516CLL316LH 516CLL316RH 3/16 in 5/16-24 2-3/8 in

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Hayn Lifeline Swage Stud w/ Handy Crimp for 3/16" Wire, 1/4-28 x 1 1/2 Right Hand Thread
Original Price: $ 14.32
Price: $ 13.34

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