Harken Winch: Radial Self-Tailing Size 80 - Chrome Three Speed

$ 8,592.80

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Harken Winch: Radial Self-Tailing Size 80 - Chrome Three Speed
Product Description

Chrome Radial Winches are designed for sailors that want the elegance of mirror-polished chrome to enhance their yacht's lines. They feature chrome drums, black composite bases and tops, and come in 1-, 2-, or 3-speed self-tailing styles.

The drum's gripping surface is shaped for each winch size and drum material and features diagonal ribs (rather than textured abrasive materials) to maximize gripping power and greatly reduce line wear. When easing, the angle of the ribs stops line from rising, preventing overrides and providing a smooth controlled release as the line exits the winch. Highstrength composite self-tailing jaws and skirt save weight. Composite roller bearings reduce friction under load and don't require lubrication. Load-carrying gears and pins are 17-4PH stainless steel for strength and durability.

Small Boat winches are available in single speed. Self-tailing models sizes 60 and up come in two or three speeds.

Part Number: 80.3STC

Imperial Metric
Line Entry Height (LE) 6 7/16" 164 mm
Line dia. Min 3/8" 10 mm
Line dia. Max 13/16" 20 mm
Fastener Circle 9 3/16" 233 mm
Fasteners (SH or HH) 8 x 3/8" 8 x 10
Weight 66.7 lbs 30.2 kg

Gear Ratio 1 Gear Ratio 2 Gear Ratio 3
2.23 9.40 28.10
Power Ratio 1 Power Ratio 2 Power Ratio 3
6.50 32.10 93

Harken Winches
D 6 7/8" 175 mm
B 11 5/16" 287 mm
H 12 9/16" 320 mm
LE 6 7/16" 164 mm