Harken 1.5in. Wire Block Ferrule Head

$ 57.95

(Original Price: $ 72.65)

Harken 1.5in. Wire Block Ferrule Head

Harken ball bearing traveler cars with multipart purchases allow easy adjustment of loaded sails from the cockpit. Whether racing or cruising, these smooth- rolling systems pay huge dividends in sail control and are safer and faster than playing the sheet. CB wire retaining clips and composite corner keepers keep ball bearings captive when car is off the track.

Length 231 9 1/8in
Width 85 3 11/32in
Height 89 3 1/2in
Weight 1559g 55oz
Mainsheet block pin 8 5/16in
Maximum working load 2268kg 5000lb
Breaking load 4536kg 10000lb
Use with track R32, R32HB 7.32m