Featuring a patented design, Forespar's TFP Quick Release Complete Assembly kit holds the tiller extension exactly in place. No more sliding down out of reach.

The Forespar TFP Assembly comes with a socket (receptacle) for the tiller. It is advisable to replace the original socket (if you already have one) with this new style socket. Do not remove the new socket from the assembly until AFTER you have installed the new assembly onto your tiller extension.

Note that the drive pin (fastening drive pin provided) is taped in place. This tape and pin cannot be removed without the assembly falling apart. Before starting, be sure your tiller extension has the old TFP assembly removed. Be sure the S/S fork (inboard end) on your tiller extension is not bent or deformed.

Assembly Instructions

  1. The drive pin holds the spring, piston and balls in place. If removed, the assembly may fly apart.
  2. To remove this pin safely, depress the button (on top) and slide the socket part way off. Do not completely remove, but only slide the socket down over the S/S balls.
  3. Carefully remove the drive pin. The socket will hold the S/S balls, spring and piston in place.
  4. Align the TFP assembly into the tiller extension fork (inboard end) and place the drive pin into the fork hinge holes. Note that the drive pin has a smooth end and a serrated end. Be sure to put the smooth end in first!
  5. Use a hammer to gently drive the pin flush with the outside of the fork. Be careful not to pound too hard and bend the fork!
  6. You can now remove the socket all the way without the assembly coming apart.
  7. Mount the new socket onto your tiller. You should be able to use the same holes and screws. Be sure the hole for the socket goes all the way through your tiller to let water drain out.


  • Do not use any lubricants
  • Clean with fresh water only. Do not lubricate any component on the tiller extension as this will foul the internal mechanisms. If salt builds up, soak in white vinegar only. This will dissolve the salt so you can flush with fresh water.
  • Never lean on a tiller extension. This can bend or dent the inner tube.
  • Do not use the tiller extension to “scull” the rudder.

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Forespar TFP Quick Release Assembly Complete w/ Socket
Original Price: $ 66.95
Price: $ 52.48

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