Product Description

Kit includes: Top and bottom mecanisms (swivel+drum).

The Asym-Fx allows to furl in the asymmetric Spinnakers from the cockpit by pulling the bottom furling line. The anti-twist rope rotates up to the top end. The central line connecting the sail luff and the torque rope by the middle starts furling in. Unlike the Gennaker (Code Zero), the torque rope is not captive from the luff tape. The drum continuous furling line prevents from overriding and can be left fitted on deck or easily removed. Therefore , the furled sail is quickly ready to be used.

• Tested mechanism (derived from Fx range of Gennaker furlers).
• Use of your existing asymmetric Spinnaker under certain conditions and modifications (strips+central rope).
• Safe System to fit the anti-twist luff rope into the top and bottom mechanisms (exact calculation of the luff rope length).
• Maintenance free bearings.
• Furling line easily and quickly removed without any mechanical operation.
• No risk for the furling line to override.
• The sail tightly furled does not put any load in the rig.
• Optional fitting : adapted system for FX continuous line drum.

Fits Boats:
55' to 70' (16 m to 20 m).

Part Number: 43210407040

Model Boat Size Continuous Line
Drum Weight
Asymmetric Spinnaker Area
Imperial Metric
ASYM-FX 1500 20' to 38'
6 m to 11.5 m
395 g 250 g 538 ft2 50 m2
ASYM-FX 2500 38' to 45'
11.5 m to 14 m
986 g 531 g 969 ft2 90 m2
ASYM-FX 4500 42' to 55'
13 m to 16 m
1317 g 755 g 1830 ft2 170 m2
ASYM-FX 7000 55' to 70'
16 m to 20 m
2180 g 990 g 2906 ft2 270 m2
ASYM-FX 12000 + 70'
+ 20 m
34400 g 1640 g 5382 ft2 500 m2

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Facnor ASYM-FX 7000 Asymmetrical Spinnaker Furler
Original Price: $ 5,299.00
Price: $ 4,841.00

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