Edson Pedestal Guards and Accessories

Aluminum Pedestal Bolts

Four required. Since 1987, all Edson Pedestals use the exclusive Edson Hex Head Aluminum Bolts. With this improvement they lock in place and require only one person to tighten them. They fit flush with the base and are made of aluminum, eliminating reaction from dissimilar metals.

Wheel Brakes and Brake Accessories

Designed to dampen the action of the wheel and is the most popular accessory for all steerers. Especially handy on long runs or when operating under power, these brakes can be used to secure the wheel under most conditions and will hold the boat on course while the helmsman trims a sheet or goes below. The brake can always be overridden by the helmsman. Brakes are constructed of bronze with long-lasting brake linings and are supplied with stainless shaft and brake knob. For safety, the handle is designed to “pop off” if a line gets tangled around it. Edson pre-drills all holes required for the installation of the wheel brake which allows an Edson wheel brake to be retrofitted in about 20 minutes.

Pedestal Maintenance and Spare Kits

Includes parts, pieces, fluid, and solutions needed to repair and upkeep your pedestal and pedestal accessories.

Pedestal Top Adaptor

Allows you to adapt nearly any compass to an Edson Pedestal. They can also be used as a pedestal cover. Available in white marine-grade polymer and furnished with pre-drilled holes and flat head machine screws.

Pedestal Riser

Cast in aluminum and finished in a highly durable glossy white baked-on urethane, the Pedestal Riser will raise your pedestal 2 1/2"(64mm) for more steering clearance.

Wheel Pilot Installation Kit

Allows you to mount a Raymarine wheel mounted autopilot on an Edson Vision II Console Pedestal. Comes complete with all necessary parts for the installation.

Pedestal needle Bearing, Washers, Drive Pins, and O-Rings

Spare parts for replacements.
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Edson Riser, Pedestal - 2-1/2"
Price: $ 240.95

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