Edson Stainless Trip-Spoke CG Wheels

The perfect combination of durability, good looks and soft feel! Edson’s ComfortGrip PowerWheels feature a unique rubber finger grip insert that provides precise control and ultimate comfort. And with the optional ProSeries or ComfortGrip PowerKnob, you also get the ultimate in control. Solid cast 316 stainless construction. Includes 316 1" Stainless Wheel Nut with insert for 12mm and 5/8”-18 threads. Available in 13", 14.5" and 16".

Product No. Diameter of wheel Kind of knob
1710ST-13-KITCG 13 in Comfort Grip knob
1710ST-13-KIT 13 in ProSeries knob
1710ST-13-75T 13 in No knob
1710ST-14-KITCG 14 1/2 in Comfort Grip knob
1710ST-14-KIT 14 1/2 in ProSeries knob
1710ST-14.5-75T 14 1/2 in No knob
1710ST-16-KITCG 16 in Comfort Grip knob
1710ST-16-KIT 16 in ProSeries knob
1710ST-16-75T 16 in No knob
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Edson Power Wheel, 16" SS Comfort Grip w/SS 5/8-18 Nut & 12mm Insert
Price: $ 658.95

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