Dolphin Tech

BP3 - Back plate
The back plate is the heart of a technical buoyancy compensator. It provides the vital connection between a diver and his scuba. Individually press-formed and all edges de-burred, DOLPHIN TECH back plates have 5cm (2”) slots for the harness and crotch strap as well as 10 perimeter holes for attaching additional equipment such as stage bottles and canister torch. There are 3 sets of tank.

HB3 - The soft crotch strap
The soft crotch strap further secures and stabilises the scuba rig to the user's torso without causing any discomfort.

HB2 - Deluxe harness
As simple as it can be, DOLPHIN TECH basic harness is the most reliable, has no superfluous parts to fail and easy to set up. It comes with 4 protective sleeves to cover the webbing where it is threaded through the back plate.

Product Includes

  • BP3 - Back plate
  • HB3 - The soft crotch strap
  • HB2 - Deluxe harness

Full Manufacturer's Warranty

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Dolphin Tech Deluxe Harness Backpack JTS-2
Original Price: $ 292.53
Price: $ 219.95

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