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Dolphin Tech Stainless Steel Plate Plus Basic Harness JT65H

This is Dolphin Tech’s flagship air cell and it is packed with abundant features. It has perimeter bungee cords which compress the air cell to maintain a hydrodynamic profile when not fully inflated. The outer shell is extremely tough and wear-resistant and gives the best protection under the most testing conditions. There are 3 sets of marine-grade steel grommets allowing the fine-tuning of tank-BCD-diver positioning. Convenience in buoyancy control is provided through carefully positioned pull dumps.

Other features of the JT-65 include 3 sets of marine-grade stainless steel grommets allowing the fine-tuning of tank-BCD diver positioning. Inflator hoses and Dump valves are interchangeable for a variety of unique hose configurations. Convenience in buoyancy control is provided by strategically-positioned four (4) pull dumps located on the diver's side bladder lower left and top right, and tank side bladder, lower right and top left.

Instead of the typical and less substantial 200 Denier Nylon single- coated with TPU, Dolphin Tech's JT-65 outer shell is constructed of armor-like 1680 Denier Nylon with a double-coating of TPU, fully shielding your BCD from abrasion or punctures. But despite its remarkable strength, the Dolphin Tech BCD still maintains its surprising, superior lightweight characteristics.

Used in conjunction with the JT-65H and JT-65D, this is Dolphin Tech's flagship air cell, and abundantly worthy of the title. It's packed with features such as low drag/low snag bungee-style cords. Maintaining a sleek, hydro-dynamic profile when not fully inflated, the bands retract the BCD's width to less than the shoulders thereby greatly reducing drag and snag potential.

Product Features

  • HB-1: Basic harness & buckle set
  • HB-3: Crotch strap set
  • HB-4: Back plate & pouch
  • HB4- SCREW SET: Plate pad harware
  • HD-30H: BCD handle
  • JT-WP7*2: Tech BCD weught pockets
  • BP3-H: Twin tank band set (7.25 in or 8 in / 184 or 203mm diameter)
  • BP-3: Stainless steel back plate
  • JT-65: EXP. Doulbe bladder air cell +2

Full Manufacturer's Warranty

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Dolphin Tech Stainless Steel Plate Plus Basic Harness JT65H
Original Price: $ 930.93
Price: $ 699.95

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