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Dolphin Tech by IST has made a major commitment to the on-going research and development of Commercial Diving Gear. Years in development, the first phase has finally been deemed ready and worthy to carry IST’s Dolphin Tech logo. While all diving equipment including recreational requires strict adherences to extreme quality, commercial gear, because not only your life and livelihood depends on it, is even that much more stringently designed and built by Dolphin Tech.

As a commercial diver, you like the more traditional weight belt for several reasons: they increase your stability in the water, and they make handling your scuba system that much easier because it’s lighter out of the water. Designed for the IST HHWB commercial diving weight belt, Dolphin Tech’s lead weights are favored amongst experienced divers. These weights are accurate and true weight, all corners and edges are rounded, and weights have a curved inner surface to fit around you increasing the comfort of your weight belt. Weights are manufactured with antimony to increase lead’s hardness and mechanical strength, making them resistant to deformation. Vinyl coating is chemically bonded to the weight to eliminate peeling.

Product Features

  • Design for IST HHWB commercial diving weight belt
  • Safe to handle and better for the environment
  • HHWB-W05: 8lb plastic coating lead weight

Full Manufacturer's Warranty

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Dolphin Tech Lead Weight For HHWB (8lb)
Original Price: $ 60.44
Price: $ 49.95

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