Dolphin Tech

Dolphin Tech twin tank bands are made from high-grade stainless steel, which is strong and corrosion resistance. They are simply tougher and stiffer than most commercially available units on the market today due to the use of thicker gage sheet metal. Rigidity is further enhanced by the addition of a 2mm thick structural plate in the welded sections.

The recommended manifold clearance (valves’ center to center distance) is 215mm +/- 3mm

Product Includes

  • 2 bands and stainless steel connecting hardware
  • 2 bolts (with welded-on end nut),
  • 2 aircraft nuts
  • 2 winged nuts
  • 2 split washers
  • 6 washers

Full Manufacturer's Warranty

BP3H-8 Specifications
Product No. Material Band Height Band Thickness Weight (incl. mounting hardware) Compatibility
DOLBP3H8 304 stainless steel 1.61 in
1.5mm 2.8 lbs
Twin Ø 8 in (203mm) cylinders

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Dolphin Tech Twin Tank Band Set For (8") Cylinders
Original Price: $ 172.83
Price: $ 129.95

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