The Geronimo Elite Speargun was created especially for those who prefer muzzles designed with use for circular rubbers in mind. Cressi wanted to create a high-end band type gun and with many years in pursuit of speargun perfection, their efforts resulted in a superbly fitted, finished and machined balance of new age thermoplastics.

Cressi's Geronimo features a reel with about 200 ft of nylon line, and a European design single sling which offers exceptional power and accuracy, especially with longer shots. This gun has an open muzzle; the shaft is laid on top and down the muzzle to the hand grip where it engages. A second band can be added to increase distance and power of Geronimo.

Product Features

  • Perfect for the aggressive fisherman
  • Special aluminium alloy barrel
  • Resistant to bending even when using the most powerful bands
  • New open muzzle is hydranamic and compact
  • Grip comes with a brand new adjustment system that makes it possible to personalize its size according to the diver's hand
  • Pivoting bow system that blocks the shaft against the barrel
  • Lightweight and high performance
  • Contoured barrel, blends in with ocean and kelp environments
  • Shaft is constructed with 6.5mm heat-treated stainless steel which virtually eliminates bending when used
  • Super-light, these materials are also sturdy, durable and highly resistant to mechanical pressure, and ultra-rigid for more precise firing
  • Comes standard with 6.50mm Fin shaft; will fit 6.25mm and 6.0mm shaft
  • 115cm (45 in) in maximum length


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Cressi Geronimo Elite Speargun
Price: $ 339.95

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