Colligo Marine

Extremely lightweight and strong, and professionally assembled; use the Infinite Loupes for connecting hardware, in place of heavy shackles. For protecting hardware, will not damage it like steel shackles; use also for silent operation, will not rattle or bang on mast or boom. Fully inspectable, these loops will last a long time and you will know when it is time to change them out.

Colligo Marine Infinite Loupe
9mm Loupe Vertical Geometry Basket Geometry Choker Geometry Weight Weight
5in. (125mm) Dia. 3000lb, 1364kg 6000lb, 27274kg 2400lb, 1091kg 13g 0.46oz.
7in. (175mm) Dia. 3000lb, 1364kg 6000lb, 27274kg 2400lb, 1091kg 19g 0.67oz.
9in. (225mm) Dia. 1500lb, 682kg 3000lb,1364kg 1200lb, 545kg 26g 0.92oz.

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Colligo Marine 9 mm Infinite Loupe, 9" (225 mm) Dia.
Price: $ 56.95

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