Colligo Marine

Approx. 1/4in. diameter that makes an approximate 1.5in. diameter loop when closed. SWL of 2,000lbs-f. Breaking strength over 5,000lbs-f. Pull tested to set knot. Made from Dyneema SK-75 UHMWPE line. Treated with Duracoat for UV Resistance. Handy lanyard for ease of removal (simply pull on the lanyard and the loop opens). Shackle is designed such that when tension is applied the loop becomes tighter, making it even more difficult for the loop to become detached. O-rings attached for extra security.

Product Features

  • Weight 9g, 0.02 lbs

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Colligo Marine Softie, Soft Shackle, 2000 lbs SWL
Price: $ 40.95

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