The Chaos Control bar is a 6-line system designed to work with Cabrinha's Chaos kite only. The light weight pro model is 44cm and features a 26cm QuickLoop™ harness loop. This system utilizes Cabrinha's all new TrimLite Cleat™ for smooth and precise trim, and boasts an aggressive bar grip to keep the bar firm in your hand. Extra length in the pro leash gives you more dimension when doing passes.

Product Features

  • 44cm fixed bar keeps your kite low for tricks
  • Aggressive bar grips keeps your bar where you want it
  • 26cm QuickLoop™ makes unhooking and hooking in a snap
  • TrimLite Cleat™ allows precise and positive trim adjustment.
  • Pro leash with more dimension for doing passes and a neoprene cover keeps your skin from leash rash
  • Internalized lines - Abrasion & clutter free

Cabrinha Chaos 1X Control Bar with Trimline and Quickloop Tech

Trim Lite Cleat

Cabrinha’s new customized compact stainless steel TrimLite Cleat™, allows precise and positive trim adjustment. The light weight design has an elasticized trim line, and internalized mainline and landing lines protected with PU tubing, which gives you the bare essentials with perfect balance and trim to match the changing wind conditions.

Internalized Lines

The protective PU tube makes it easy to run the depower mainline and the 1X landing line through the center of the bar without the risk of abrasion or tangling.

Low V

Cabrinha has lowered the front line connection to the CAS in order to provide a more direct and immediate response from your bar input.

Depower on Demand

Cabrinha introduced Depower on Demand in 2005 along with Cabrinha's revolutionary Crossbow kite. Even today, every Cabrinha kite (except the Chaos) incorporates Depower on Demand as the default method to precisely control the power of a kite.


The EVA ends are buoyant enough to float the entire control system with lines attached. The tips have Flex grooves which aid in bending the tips while winding your lines onto the bar or while steering your kite.


The 1X is not a depower system, it is a full blown shut down system. The 1X relies on only one line to immediately shut down the power of the kite whether it be on land or water in all wind conditions.

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Cabrinha Chaos 1X Control Bar w/ Trimlite and Quickloop
Price: $ 449.00

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