Antal XT Series Winch Size 30 Two-Speed, Direct, Reduced - Aluminum

$ 816.00

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Antal XT Series Winch Size 30 Two-Speed, Direct, Reduced - Aluminum

XT ST cruise winch, power 30, 2 speed, black aluminum drum14 new self-tailing winches available in the following versions: Hard black aluminium (AL): the aluminium drum is hard black anodized and teflon coated, scratch-proof and very hard-wearing. Chrome (CH): the drum, ST disks and ST arm are entirely chrome-plated. All chromed parts are highly polished, thickly nickel-plated and finally finished in chrome. Simple opening: just unscrew the upper ring to immediately dismantle the winch for an easy of cleaning and maintenance. New self-tailing XT system: fixed upper disk with built in ST arm and self-regulating lower disk on springs. The new self-tailing adapts automatically to a wide range of rope diameters and, if overloading occurs, releases the line to avoid excess force on the ST arm. Knurling: the drum vertical knurling offers maximum horizontal friction allowing the rope lideupwards. Differentiated grip (aluminium drums only): minimum friction on the lower part where loads are higher and maximum at the top where loads are minimal: the result is an even grip along the entire drum. CNC base: machined by CNC (computer numeric control machines) is lighter and stronger than normal castings; aluminium made, hard black anodized and teflon coated. Easy removal from the winch makes maintenance a simple affair.
Attribute Value
Height (H) 135 mm
base (D) 128 mm
drum (d) 73 mm
Weight 2,9 kg
Power 1 7
Power 2 28
Recovery (manual use) 1 229 mm
Recovery (manual use) 2 58 mm
min line 6 mm
max line 10 mm
Fixing screws 5 x 6 mm
Gear ratio 1 1 : 1
Gear ratio 2 4,1 : 1

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