Antal Aluminum Deck Ring 14 x 14

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Antal Aluminum Deck Ring 14 x 14

Deck ring realized in hard black anodized aluminum, hole 14Soft link is here meant as hardware on deck. These soft link products are designed for the sliding, the deflection and the attachment of Dyneema lines or lines in other material. The main characteristics of soft link hardware on deck are: low friction and simplicity. Thanks to the mirror polished surfaces and the rounded shapes, these soft links substitute organizers, shackles, foot blocks, blocks and much more. The simplicity of soft links the very fact that their body is constituted of one piece, without components makes them lightweight, resistant and compact. Moreover they are cost saving and require no maintenance. Soft link hardware on deck include Deck rings and Double deck rings, to guide maneuvers on the coachroof, Multi ring organizer which can replace organizers with sheaves and Dyneema pad-eyes, pad eyes for Dyneema lines suitable both for the sliding of maneuvers and for high loads.
Attribute Value
Length (L) 48 mm
Width (W) 18 mm
Height (H) 29 mm
Weight 25 gr
B 28 mm
C 14 mm
SWL 800 kg
Material Alluminum
Fixing screws 2 x 6 mm
D 14 mm