Antal High Load Block 40 mm

$ 108.75

(Original Price: $ 128.00)

Antal High Load Block 40 mm
Attribute Value
sheave (D) 40 mm
Side bearing Delrin balls
Radial bearing composite fibre
Weight 80 g
max line 10 mm
SWL 1200 kg
Material Aluminum
Sheave material Aluminum
Web block, sheave 40, SWL 1200 kg. These small and light blocks are the best solution for very high loads when sliding is not important. The very small sheave is fitted with a Composite Fibre bushing. The one piece frame is made for line connection. The 3 blocks (D=30, 40 and 55 mm) give an 8 to 1 system. This system is specially designed for the backstay or the boom-vang.