Antal Reef Block 100 mm

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Antal Reef Block 100 mm
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Attribute Value
Length (L) 292 mm
Width (W) 140
Track dimensions 45
sheave (D) 90 mm
Side bearing Delrin balls
Radial bearing composite fibre
Weight 1,30 kg
max line 24 mm
SWL 8000 kg
Material Aluminum
Sheave material Aluminum
Webbing (N. x width) 2 x 61 mm

Reef block, sheave 90, SWL 8.000 kg. The blocks are connected to the leech of the mainsail with webbing, and reduce point loading on the mainsail when reefing. The small diameter sheaves are suitable to very high loads. The center hole can be used as a safety connection to the boom when reefed.

The small version (D=50 mm) is for boats to 50 ft, larger (D=120 mm) for boats to 100 ft.