Imperial Metric
Sheave - 75 mm
Max Line - 14 mm
Safe Working Load - 2000 kg
Weight - 270 g

Note: Block for line connection.

Product Description

The whole "composite fibre" range uses sheaves on composite fibre bearings and double self-captive Delrin ball thrust bearings. The sheaves are easy to dismantle for cleaning and need no lubrication.

The sides are made of 3571 TA16 light alloy and are thickly anodized to ensure absolute wear-and corrosion proofing, with all the edges smoothed off for better handling. The nuts and bolts have been replaced with recessed screws and pins, considerably reducing weight and eliminating any projecting parts.

The steel coupling revolves on a fibre washer and can easily be locked in one of two main positions.

Part Number: 940.075/Z

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Antal Composite Fibre Series - 75mm Web Block w/ Becket - High Load
Price: $ 176.00

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